Update on Support Status March 5th, 2010

We just wanted to post a quick update that we are aware that support requests are piling up at the moment that are not being responded to.  Your requests are important to us and we will respond as soon as we are able.  We are currently very busy with several projects running in parallel and as such our support bandwidth is limited.

Thanks for your continued support and thanks for your patience.  We assure you that we will get to your request.



10 Responses to “Update on Support Status”

  1. Andrew Reed says:

    Photo sorter & Manage Album Details both fail to load, regardless of browser. Also, images that have been physically removed from albums seem to still be displayed.
    Tried Safari, Firefox, Chrome, & Camino.

    Also Thumbnail padding is not symetrical (small values for padding crop thumbnail bottoms.

  2. sean brown says:

    I recently downloaded the plug in and I can not find any documentation on how to actually create a gallery or upload images. the dropdown on the post page does not have any content in it please help.

  3. Bert says:

    Hi guys,
    still very happy with the DM Album WordPress plugin. Unfortunately indeed with version 2.4.5 the Album Manager drop down does not work.

    Currently I use the work around of dropping the photo’s manually in a new album folder under wordpress/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums, which creates an album with the folder’s name. Unfortunately the other Album Manager functionality such as sorting and creating captions does not work, but you have at least your album onsite.

    Hope you’re able to solve the issue soon!

    Kind Regards…

  4. Otto says:

    I am getting an “error 500″ when trying to upload pictures… is it some kind of permissions error?

  5. Juha says:

    I was overjoyed finding this plugin. Set it up and it worked for an album of six photos. With bigger albums the sorter fails.

    I resized my photos to make them fit nicely into the album (not using full screen option) in order to save space just to notice that the cache takes up almost twice as much as my images. Not good.

    I have a multilingual site. No way to translate anything.

    This plugin has great potential. Looking forward to version three point something.

    Then I also noticed that it makes a huge amount of cached images.

  6. Juha says:

    LOL … I guess the comment form makes me repeat myself.

  7. Jon Winter says:

    I’ve been getting 404 errors in my site stats for a page within the code that does not exist.

    See your wordpress support site for the full details I’ve logged: http://wordpress.org/tags/dm-albums

  8. Robert Benn says:

    I have loaded DM Albums to my site and had the DM Album manager insert the code – but when I go look at the page there is no album only code

    I’m I missing a switch or something?

  9. Dan Dunning says:

    Is there a way to pre-generate the cache?

  10. Michele Marik says:

    Just installed version of DM Albums. Love it!

    Except for one thing. I’m able to custom-define the height and width of my album, but for some reason the resulting height is substantially higher than I specified. I dug a little deeper, and found this:

    width: document.getElementById(“galleria-4f24115f9b6a9″).clientWidth,
    height: document.getElementById(“galleria-4f24115f9b6a9″).clientWidth * 0.75,

    Why on earth would you not just use clientHeight, instead of hard-coding it to width*.75?

    for me, it results in a lot of black space above and below my photos.

    The only ‘quick’ fix I could find for this was to go into javascript/galleria.php and manually set the height and width to be what I wanted (which is actually 20 px more than the picture width, and 70px more than the picture height, so that I’d have a 10px border and room for the thumbnails at the bottom.

    It would be a HUGE improvement if you would make that sort of thing be user-configurable via DM Album settings!

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