SOS For Development Volunteers February 27th, 2011

First of all, many thanks go out to the users in the community helping to make DM Albums™ a popular plugin. The increased usage and requests for support will only serve to make DM Albums™ a better plugin, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback.

While DM Albums™ is still officially supported, Productions unfortunately does not have the bandwidth to respond to the requests at the moment.  So, with that, we invite any developers in the community to contribute their time to help DM Ablums become a better product.

The main features that require support are:

  1. Assistance in expanding WAMP support and other configuration problems reported by users with the DM Album Manager
  2. EXIF caption storage
  3. In-line caption editing
  4. Custom Stylesheet support

Please contact us if you’d like to contribute.  You will be credited in the code and we will also put a notice on the site that credits the developer as a Productions Supporting Contributor.

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