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WAMP Support Needed February 11th, 2010

Well, the good news is that DM Albums™ seems to be picking up in popularity.  One of the great things about the open-source world and the collaboration it brings is that users give feedback, the developer(s) respond with support, bug fixes, or new features, and the product eventually becomes much better than it ever would have been just through isolated evolution.   Think Galápagos Islands: the weirdness of those animals out there, living according to their own specialized evolution is like software built in a vacuum.  Through your requests, this software has grown to meet a far broader set of needs than it was originally intended for.  I think that’s great.

The bad news is that through the growing exposure, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that DM Albums™ has a big, hairy problem when running on WAMP implementations.  We thought we were headed down the right path to WAMP righteousness and justice, when out of the blue, a user running WAMP revealed an implementation that was completely divergent to what we’d understood WAMP to be and what that meant for providing support on this system.

Here at Productions, we are LAMP people and we are in need of someone with expertise in WAMP and it’s many implementation possibilities to lend some assistance and help get WAMP support implemented in DM Albums.  If you have this background and are willing to donate your time, please contact the DM Development Team.  If you have managed to get the plugin running on WAMP, please let us know what you did so we can incorporate your experience into the knowledge base.

Thanks for using DM Albums, and thanks for continuing to influence it’s evolution.